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Masters of Music

Hey! Long time no blog. I haven’t given up on my 30 day blog challenge, but it did go on a bit of a hiatus there for a little bit. Sorry! Three things happened though… one, my iPhone finally gave up the ghost. That’s what I did most of my picture taking on for a [...]

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Me and My Day

I really can’t stand putting pictures of myself all over my site, but here I am. Ta daaa! I had just gotten my hair cut, so this is one of those classy phone + bathroom mirror portraits. My dad’s got my camera somewhere, so I do what I gotta. Anyhow, I’m supposed to give a [...]

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15 Rules of the Drive-Thru

Last October, my store moved to a new building with lots of upgrades, the most important being a drive-thru. In the last nine months I’ve had plenty of chances to run it, and am usually wearing a headset, thus being part of the whole “drive-thru” experience. I’ve come to realize there are some rules that [...]

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Love Like Garfield

Love Like Garfield

This is the way my coworkers and I show love for each other… CAN NOT. STOP. LAUGHING.

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