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Doctor Who – All This Time

Video: All This Time

Ohh, I’m feeling pretty confident in my Sony Vegas skills now. I haven’t really delved into the heavy-duty insanely cool editing tricks just yet, but I feel like I’m farther than I was with Movie Maker, which was pretty much my goal. It took me such a long time to get used to editing without [...]

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Doctor Who: Flesh and Stone

First of all… can I say… YESS for Weeping Angels but NOO, this wasn’t as good as Blink was? Can I also say that River Song gets more and more irritating as time goes on? Yes, yes I may! Spoilers for Flesh and Stone be ahead so…

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Doctor Who: Eleventh Hour / The Beast Below

Can I just say, I’m loving the eleventh Doctor much, much more than I thought I was going to. And you know, Amy Pond may just be my favorite companion after all, surpassing even Donna Noble, who is hands-down my favorite. She’s snarky, she’s witty, she’s not helpless, and I’m loving her accent. I feel [...]

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