Greystreet Academy

Greystreet tells the story of Anna Kyle, raised as an orphan in a Catholic orphanage and later in a private boarding school. She has no memories of life before school until she sees a family outside her window that brings back flashbacks of a friend long forgotten.

It’s really a pain to keep this constantly updated while on the site, so instead, I’m giving you the entire book in Adobe .pdf form. You can download Adobe’s free reader, and be able to read Greystreet at your own leisure.

I started writing Greystreet as an entry for a Scholastic writing competition and finished because I had fallen in love with the story. It’s only been through about two edits, and I usually run my longer works through three or four… so if you find something you’re confused about, let me know. I had thought once about filling this out more and getting it published, but I think I’ll just keep this here for your enjoyment.