Forever Be

Looking back into a shadowy place
Into undusted parts of my mind
I am searching, looking, digging,
Searching for what I can’t find
I know it’s there; I remember
But memory tends to go
Deeper and deeper into a part
I’m afraid I just don’t know
As I give up, let go of my quest
Flashes of memory tease me
I look once again into the void
What I see won’t always please me
I’m drawn in, farther and farther
Into a pitch black room
Nothing but silence is what I hear
And big black shadows loom
I thought I heard a noise-but did I?
I think this is all but a dream
Now there’s a shadow behind me
Things aren’t always as they seem
Two hands are on my shoulders
And as I turn-I know
I think that I should stick around
Before I decide to go
I recognize this person
Then, yet again, I might not
I look into the shadowy face
I’m scareder than I thought
I feel him smile down on me
And wrap me in a hug
In his arms forevermore
I feel so warm and snug
Then without a single word
He turns and walks away
Disappearing into the dark
And here, alone, I’ll stay
This mysterious person I have found
Hidden in a dream’s memory
I know I will find him for real one day
And forever we will be

December 2001