A Year Ago

An empty page, there’s no words to describe
It was a moment, an insightful moment and
I can’t remember, I can’t hold on
I just remember looking at the stars thinking
Here I am for another year, and nothing
I don’t know if I can hear Your voice
I’m reaching out for something that I don’t understand
I know that I know that You’ll be there for me but
Sometimes I can’t hear You and
Sometimes I can’t feel You
I remember a year ago I was looking out over the water
And I think that night You heard my prayer
I thought so, I hoped so but
Today, tonight, now, right now
I’m feeling the same things I did before
It’s all come back and it’s multiplied and
Here I am again under the stars
Pacing back and forth, back and forth and
Crying out to you
I know You have what I need and I know You know
What You have for me and
I know that it’s beyond my wildest dreams
Sometimes I feel like the waiting is hard because
Another year is gone and I’m still holding on

I’m crying out
Hear my prayer
I’m holding out my hand
All I want is for You to fill it.