Fiore - Autumn Sky

Fiore - Autumn Sky

When Linda was in the hospital, I wanted to surprise her with a complete site redesign when she came back. It took a bit longer than that, but by the time I was done, Autumn-Sky had undergone another facelift (seriously, I can’t stop designing for this site!). It’s a little not my style and was a little bit of a stretch for me, but I think it really turned out great. I got to play a lot with the new Vista fonts (so if you have Vista or have these fonts installed, her site looks even smoother).

The best part about this design was that I had a lot of fun making it. Maybe this will help me out of my slump.

What Was Involved: A complete WordPress theme from scratch, custom CSS to integrate many of the plugins she’d been using, and a little bit of site-tweakage to make sure everything was uniform. Sneak it online when she’s not looking, and then surprise her with a link to her own site.

Note: “Fiore” is the Italian word for “flower,” and is much less cliché than “fleur.”