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I’m supposed to post up something I ate today, but I didn’t take a picture of dinner before I had eaten it all. Sorry, pancakes. But at my house, I’m in charge of dinner every so often. I can cook, but I’m not a creative cook, so I exhausted dinner ideas pretty darn quickly. Time [...]

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Doctor Who – Her Name is Amy

Video: Her Name is Amy

Because I love Amy Pond. I believe I’ve developed something of a girlcrush on her. I could look at her all day. LOL. Fandom: Doctor Who series 5 —  Amy Pond Music: “Her Name is Alice” — Shinedown (from the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack) Description: A look at the awesome that is Amelia Pond Anyhow, [...]

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Lost – Dangerous Game

Video: Dangerous Game

I got really really excited after “Ab Aeterno” and “Across The Sea,” which were (in my opinion) the best episodes of LOST this last season. I’d say they were up there with “Flashes Before Your Eyes” and “The Constant.” Anyhow, I got really excited and the first thing I wanted to do was vid the snot [...]

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Doctor Who – All This Time

Video: All This Time

Ohh, I’m feeling pretty confident in my Sony Vegas skills now. I haven’t really delved into the heavy-duty insanely cool editing tricks just yet, but I feel like I’m farther than I was with Movie Maker, which was pretty much my goal. It took me such a long time to get used to editing without [...]

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Lost – Dear Agony

Video: Dear Agony (Sawyer, Lost)

I put this video up on my old blog, but not here, and since it’s still pretty recent, here it is. Fandom: Lost, Season 6 (up until “The Substitute”) Music: “Dear Agony” by Breaking Benjamin Description: I’ve really been struck by Sawyer’s story so far this season; maybe it’s just his amazing acting (seriously, he [...]

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