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Joshua Jackson

Celebrity Crushes

Well, this is going to be a can of worms… celebrity crushes! My celebrity crushes. It’s so nice of all these actors and singers and comedians to be so good looking for our viewing pleasure, right? Seriously, though… there’s a list of actors I particularly like, and it seems like every new show I watch brings [...]

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Masters of Music

Hey! Long time no blog. I haven’t given up on my 30 day blog challenge, but it did go on a bit of a hiatus there for a little bit. Sorry! Three things happened though… one, my iPhone finally gave up the ghost. That’s what I did most of my picture taking on for a [...]

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Doctor Who: Flesh and Stone

First of all… can I say… YESS for Weeping Angels but NOO, this wasn’t as good as Blink was? Can I also say that River Song gets more and more irritating as time goes on? Yes, yes I may! Spoilers for Flesh and Stone be ahead so…

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Flashforward: Message Recieved

Flashforward is turning into one of those shows that would have been better as a Children Of Earth style mini-season. Great premise, great characters, DDRRRAAGGGGGGINNNNGGGGG. My reaction to this last episode, Queen Sacrifice? Janis? REALLY? Nawwww, come on!!

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Doctor Who: Eleventh Hour / The Beast Below

Can I just say, I’m loving the eleventh Doctor much, much more than I thought I was going to. And you know, Amy Pond may just be my favorite companion after all, surpassing even Donna Noble, who is hands-down my favorite. She’s snarky, she’s witty, she’s not helpless, and I’m loving her accent. I feel [...]

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