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Joshua Jackson

Celebrity Crushes

Well, this is going to be a can of worms… celebrity crushes! My celebrity crushes. It’s so nice of all these actors and singers and comedians to be so good looking for our viewing pleasure, right? Seriously, though… there’s a list of actors I particularly like, and it seems like every new show I watch brings [...]

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Masters of Music

Hey! Long time no blog. I haven’t given up on my 30 day blog challenge, but it did go on a bit of a hiatus there for a little bit. Sorry! Three things happened though… one, my iPhone finally gave up the ghost. That’s what I did most of my picture taking on for a [...]

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Pet Disintegrator

There’s a rule about pets in my house: no. more. It’s heavily enforced… in fact, I think my dad has rigged up some kind of pet disintegrator in the front doorway; pet comes through door, pet gets vaporized. It’s all very high tech and top secret. Just kidding. But we do have five cats and two [...]

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Twenty Three, Thirteen, Three

Today, I’m twenty-three. Ten years ago, I was thirteen. Thirteen was the worst year of my life, and a lot of that was just the normal teenage stuff. Starting to turn into a different person or even a continuation of the same person is confusing and awkward. This is why any pictures taken of me ten [...]

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Sister It

I’ve had my share of best friends over the years. When somebody asks me, “who is your best friend?’ I’m likely to give you an answer pretty quickly… and usually it’s not actually my best friend. Through thick and thin, always, I’d have to say my best friend has always been my sister Tegan… no matter [...]

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