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Hey! Long time no blog. I haven’t given up on my 30 day blog challenge, but it did go on a bit of a hiatus there for a little bit. Sorry! Three things happened though… one, my iPhone finally gave up the ghost. That’s what I did most of my picture taking on for a lot of these posts, so I wanted to wait until I got pictures for some of them. Two, my little Kodak died. That’s what I would have used to take pictures with. Three, I got a second job. Second jobs, let me tell you, are really not good on your feet or your spare time. They are, however, fantastic for replacing iPhones, so in about a week and a half I’ll have my new phone. Until then? I’m going to skip around some. It’s my blog and I can cheat if I want to! :)

So, my favorite artists. So many! But if I had to narrow it down to just a few, the ones that aren’t just the flavor of the week/month/year, I would have to say the following…

Coldplay. I have all their albums and I must have listened to Viva la Vida so much that, if it was actually on a CD, I would have worn it out long ago. I love their early stuff, I love their recent stuff, and I have a bit of a soft spot for any mashup that features Coldplay.

OneRepublic. I didn’t like “Apologize” when I first heard it, but then I think it’s because it was attached to a bad fanvid. After that, though? I fell in love! Their new album is absolutely amazing; there is not a single track on there that I even remotely dislike.  Plus, Ryan Tedder is delicious. Just saying.

Shinedown. Interesting looking crew, amazing music. “Sound of Madness” is another CD I would have worn out, had I owned a physical copy, and it’s another band I discovered due to fanvids. Almost got to see them last August in concert, but ended up having other plans the same day. Darn!

There are so many others I could list but won’t, just for the sake of post length :-D such as Breaking Benjamin, Barcelona, Damien Rice, Flyleaf, Lifehouse, Three Days Grace, Skillet, The Fray… seriously, I could go on forever.

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