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Looking for a Beta

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Does anybody want to beta a WordPress theme? Jessica is already, but I’d like another set of eyes and ears. To give you a heads up, the theme is pretty much based on the last theme I had on this site, Paisley. I’ve just about got it finished, so I’ll be distributing to betas within another day or so.

All you have to do is try the theme on your own site or on some other WordPress install, and tell me if I’m missing anything, if I need to change or fix something, or if it doesn’t even work.

Leave me a comment or contact me, and I’ll get the theme to you. Thanks!

Some Random Things I’ve Found

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

I told you that I’m cleaning out my desk to swap it out with a new one, right? Well, please bear in mind that my current desk has eight drawers, and they’re all unusable. Why? Because they all got gradually turned into junk drawers that I pretty much left alone for… oh, four, five years?

Eight junk drawers over the span of four years can breed some pretty interesting stuff…

  1. Cassette tapes. No, seriously! Rebecca St. James and Five Iron Frenzy. I’ve had those since about third grade and I probably wore holes through both of them over the years. I don’t even think I have a tape player in the house anymore. Maybe I’ll go buy the CD’s… for old times sake.
  2. Signed postcards from a Jake concert. Well, two of the three anyway. According to Google, I don’t know if these three guys even exist anymore. They probably do, but with a group name as commonplace as “Jake” they’re probably buried somewhere in the internet. They’re kind of cool, though. Maybe I’ll frame them.
  3. My script from B’nai Shalom’s production of Star Wars Purim. Remember Darth Haman? Mordecai Skywalker? Jewbacca??
  4. My school journal from first grade. Now, I think I found this a couple of years back, thought it was cute, and threw it in there. Looking back, I think it’s pretty darn creative. Most first grade journals say things like “We had brokly for dinerr” or “I lik to coler with craons”… mine’s full of stories about lions, dinosaurs in outer space, and a flying sled. Go figure.
  5. An envelope with about nine Israeli stamps on it, another envelope covered in two cent stamps (enough to equal a normal stamp!), and a bunch of letters from Becky that never made it into my letter box. Oh, and I’m tickled that one of the stamps on the Israeli envelope has the name of a Lost episode on it. Can you guess which one?
  6. A business card from some obscure Missouri mechanic. We had car trouble when moving here in ‘04, and pulled off the beaten path. Thank goodness we found this guy!
  7. A dream journal from 2002. What was I on? Okay, it’s kind of embarrassing. It’s going in the trash.
  8. There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom by Louis Sachar. Very much loved, very much dog-eared, and very much written back before he wrote Holes.
  9. The third Jake postcard. Hooray!
  10. Seven dollars and eighty three cents, two Sacajawea dollars, and a Canadian dollar minted the year I was born.

This is what makes spring cleaning worth it. What’s some odd stuff you’ve found while cleaning?