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I Keep Doing This!!

I know, I know. But I put in at least 45 hours in at work the last two weeks, only getting maybe one day off, worked ten days in a row, and every time I came home, I fell asleep!

Spent a little bit of time tweaking my theme yesterday, but mostly what I did was upgrade to WordPress 2.5. I’m a sucker for new releases. For everyone else waiting to upgrade, the new admin sucks and just completely doesn’t feel right AT ALL, but fluency admin fixes it all. Mostly.

I’m most likely going to a funeral on Tuesday, and interestingly enough, it’s not for my own grandmother. A lady I’ve worked with for the past year and a half had her husband pass away on Friday, so a couple of us are going, mostly to support her. Now here’s my kind of random/shallow question: Do people still wear black to funerals? I’ve only been to two funerals in my life… one was too far back and I was too emotional to remember, and the other was kind of awkward and I wasn’t thinking about clothes at all. Would it be bad to wear like… blue?

Oh, stop laughing at me!

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