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Bah Humbug!!

It was really entertaining coming home to my loyal feed reader today after work and reading entry upon entry of “Merry Christmas!” and “Happy Holidays!”

Pardon me for being a little Scrooge-y today, but today at work I saw a lot of cranky Christmas shoppers. Seriously, everybody was grouchy, hurried, and had awful attitudes. It’s like the entire town was PMS-ing on the same day.

You’re probably thinking I’m just saying that because I don’t even celebrate Christmas, but I used to, and I noticed it then. I feel bad for God on days like these, because the entire world’s gone greedy and grouchy, and all in His name. Unfair for him!

So this Christmas, remember why it is you are all celebrating, and try to smile and be nice to people for a change. As for me? Happy Hanukkah, guys!

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It’s the stress of the holiday season. It’s a fact that during this time of you, there are more people admitted to the emergency room at hospitals. :P

Happy Hannukah!

December 24th, 2007

Happy Hanukkah!

December 24th, 2007

LOL! I know what you mean, my Google Reader has been extremely festive over the last couple of days too! :D

December 25th, 2007

Not to sound like myself. But bad thing happen in the name of God.
I haven’t been to the mall in a month! Woot!

December 29th, 2007

haha I know what you mean with the grouchy people…unfortunately I think I get like that too. LOL. Everyone who goes out on Christmas eve to shop is probably frustrated that they left their shopping to the last minute…and then on top of that theres tons of crowds which can contribute to the anger. haha. yay Christmas!

December 29th, 2007

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