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Silence in the Blogosphere

Lorelle of WordPress.com (whose site I literally stumbled upon yesterday) has brought something really powerful to my attention with her latest post. I can’t do justice to it, so I’ll let you read it yourself.

A few days before Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) in Israel, I was warned that when I heard the air raid sirens I wasn’t to be afraid. I was to stop whatever I was doing and be quiet and not move for two minutes. My friends told me that all of Israel stops on that day.

I laughed. Getting an Israeli to stand still and shut up is like hoping a penny on the tracks will stop a high speed train. I just couldn’t imagine it. It’s a noisy place filled with too many people shouting loudly all the time just to be heard. Too much energy. This was something I wanted to see, but I didn’t believe I’d see it.

The day arrived and I was out on the streets of downtown Tel Aviv running an errand. I’d forgotten and was startled when the sirens went off. I kept walking for a few seconds until I realized that no one was moving around me.

Nothing. People were standing on the street silent and unmoving. All the cars were stopped and their drivers and passengers were outside, standing next to their vehicles. I froze.

I listened.

Not a sound. Not a shout. Not a honk. Not an engine noise. Not a blaring radio. Silence. No babies crying. No mothers scolding. No shopkeepers shouting their wares. Silence. No airplanes. No motor scooters. No dogs barking. No sound anywhere.

Except the wailing siren. [CONTINUE READING]

She, and others, have proposed a day of absolute silence in the blogosphere (the world of blogs, you might call it) in honor of the victims at Virginia Tech. On April 30th, you’ll not hear a peep from me or many others on the blogosphere. Spread the word.

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