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Enough worries, thanks!

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

Pictures! I finally got into the scanner and got some pictures from camp scanned. You can find them here:

And I got one comment. Thanks Joel! I don’t think a lot of you realize that anyone can post a comment, even and especially if you don’t have an account here. Nahh, I think just a lot of people didn’t follow me over from xanga.

Didn’t do a whole lot today. Straightened up my room and got a bunch of stuff organized. I’ve been a bit sloppier this summer than I normally am. My usually tidy room has a bit more strewn all over the place, and it’s driving me nuts. However, I’ll have this silly “messy” thing out of my system in time to have a nice, neat dorm room. My lucky roomate.

We watched “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” today. I absolutely adore musicals, in case you didn’t know, and that’s one of my favorites. Under “Newsies,” of course. And “Singing in the Rain” which, for some odd reason, reminds me of the night at camp that Becky and I were acting silly and bursting into song all over the place.

But bursting into song is fun.

Tomorrow I get to go to a sukkot meeting. Sukkot is so close! So the next couple months are going to be hectic. I get to spend a majority of this week coming up with choreography for tambourines, which will be loads of fun. It’s my absolute most favorite part. Oh, that and probably going “window shopping” for fabric again. Mom and I went to Hancock’s and Walmart looking for fabric for our skirts for tambourine and had an absolute blast. It’s been a while since Mom and I could just go out without little siblings along.

Tegan starts eighth grade tomorrow, and Stephen starts second. And Abby starts kindergarten, if anyone can keep her in a chair long enough! It’s weird not starting school with everyone else, especially with homeschooling, but I’ll get my chance at college soon enough. I’m exciting and ready to go!

And I’m not going to worry. I’m too melancholic when it comes to that. I’m going to take the advice given to me: yiyeh b’seder.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

Okay, alright… the LONG AWAITED Camp Yeshua photo post. Took me this long to get a chunk of time where I wasn’t doing anything and neither was Mom’s scanner or computer area. And I apoligize for poor image quality, her scanner’s not the greatest sometimes.

And I apoligize for my bad looks, as well.

Image hosted by
A tender moment in the tribe of Simeon.

Image hosted by
Smile, Bill!

The Canadian birthday song. Happy birthday, Claire and Luke!

Joel and I

Tegan (my sister) and Caleb

Ashley and I (I don’t know why that picture is so small, I’ll email you the full size, Ash!)

Becky and Lisa. Who can’t tell them apart?!

Greg and Rachel (I’ll send the full size if you’d like, too)

Claire, Robby, Lisa, Me, Tegan, Ben
Honestly, just a random group of people!!

Xan and his eyebrows. This was the last picture I took with my first camera, and so it just so happened to be the FIRST picture I saw when I got my pictures developed!

Me, James, and Johanna. Except only Jimmie-Joe has got his eyes open!

Xan, James, Luke, and Johanna. ROFL!

Jessica and Ben. This picture makes me crack up… not just because of the fact that everyone is looking straight at me for some reason (seriously! Ann, Josh, James, random people…), but the conversation that went on as I was taking the picture.
Jessica: Ben! You can put your arm around me……… I am your sister!

Shawn and I “I feel good! Oh!…” ah, never mind. Our camp cheerleader.

Helena and her vacuum cleaner of doom.

Look at Cassandra! Working!!

“Cinnamon” pride!

Luke trying to get us to do the wave every morning, especially for his birthday. And Taylor’s head.

Those are all of the good ones, I’m afraid. I just got a bunch of video from Cassandra (including, but not limited to, the Save A Seal skit!), and I so wish I could find somewhere online to upload it so I could post it, but it really is too big to be hosted most places. Phooey!

And remember, folks:

Just another update, I suppose

Saturday, July 30th, 2005

I got information back from Housing, finally! I’ll be in West Hall, B16. It’s in the B hall, which is Lauren’s hall, but they split the B-hall in half, so she’s not the one in charge of the part of the hall I’m in. However, when I went up to visit Lauren when I spent the day with Ann, she was in… B11 or something close to it? Anyhow, I at least have a pretty good idea of where I am in West Hall. But I got into it!

Now what I have to do, to get into Monday’s mail, is this Residency Packet. Basically I have to prove to them, without a shadow of a doubt, that even though I had only lived here for about seven months when I applied to UCO, that I’ve now been an Oklahoma resident for a year and a month, and so they really don’t need to charge me the two thousand dollar non-resident fee. That will take my costs for this semester and practically cut it in HALF! Let me double check… I got an automated message from UCO saying that my current fees are 4,600, and that includes housing and meals. I believe! But take two thousand off for non-resident fees? Oh that can’t be right, that’s TOO cheap. I’ll get it straightened out. One way or another, and hopefully this time it won’t involve a meltdown.

And speaking of meltdowns (this is turning into a total rant post, now, isn’t it?), my grandfather is impossible. Because he’s a lawyer, he got put in charge of my trust fund when I got it so long ago… well, now he’s “working so hard” to get the account closed and the money out here to me, because that’s what I’m pretty much depending on at this point to get me through the first year of college, but he’s just “so busy” and “his diabetes is acting up again” and did he mention how he’s “so busy?” I mean, this is my grandfather… judges used to call him up and tell him that the hearing (or whatever lawyers do) was scheduled for nine in the morning in hopes that he’d show up by two in the afternoon when it really started. He’s notorious for being late. So that’s why I told him that I needed the money by the first week of August… in hopes that I’d have it by the twentieth, when it needs to be in. And I have to call him every single day and do this “damsel in distress” act just to remind him, again, that I’m still down here in the boonies of Oklahoma, needing him to help me. Oh, it’s frustrating!

Okay, I’ve ranted enough. Happy thoughts!

Cassandra showed up at our house this evening after walking from the park… so I’ve got this great camp CD filled with video she took from camp, and I haven’t watched it yet. I should dig out my headphones and watch, no? Anyhow, we might go over to her house tomorrow so that Mom can take some stuff to her, and then we have to teach Robin “He is my Defense.” I find it absolutely hilarious that I ended up knowing that dance better than some of the ladies in it. But that’s another story and not one I’d like to tell.

OH! About a week and a half ago, I was listening to Paul Wilbur’s “Shalom Jerusalem” CD. And of course, the song “Shalom Jerusalem”, which is an absolutely beautiful song. And as I was listening, I was just feeling led to do this dance. Ann has a tape from some dancers in Florida, and this is one of the dances they do… with long white dresses and these white veils… ohh, it’s just gorgeous. And powerful. Well, I was really feeling that we needed to do this for Sukkot… and not just “oh! We should do this for Sukkot!”… it was more like, I’m going to call Ann and ask her for the video, and if she doesn’t have any more time, I’ll learn the dance and teach people. I really felt that we should do this. Well, I was looking over her shoulder on Friday night, and she had “Shalom Jerusalem” penciled in, maybe Monday night? And I asked her if she was thinking about doing it, and she said that she IS. And I may get to be in it.

Annnd… this isn’t official, of course, but we may get to do tambourine when Paul Wilbur is there. Awesome!